Pasture Raised & Free Range Egg Farming

Brown Eggs

If you are a pasture-raised/free-range egg farmer or want to become one, we are interested in speaking with you. Learn how to have a guaranteed market for your eggs and become more efficient at your farming operation. By joining the cooperative you can focus on your birds while the co-op takes care of the website, labels, flats/cartons, and marketing, and provides the equipment to wash, weigh and package the eggs. With a background in agriculture and the collected wisdom of over 100 years of hands-on farming, the cooperative members are here to help you and one another.

Produce Farming

Fresh Produce

Our corn and other vegetable production are beginning to ramp up and we invite you to contact us to discover a sound market for your small farm produce. We want to offer a wide variety of vegetables to our distributors and look forward to speaking with you.

Beef and other Protein

Our strategic plan calls for beef and other protein production to be in operation in the near future. If you are interested in getting involved with your livestock, please contact us.

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